The only Luxury Slack-Pack Hike along the Wild Coast of Pondoland, Transkei, Eastern Cape. See the Cape Vulture Colony at Msikaba, 2 of the 7 waterfalls in the world that fall directly into the sea, cattle on the beach, waves crashing against the rocks and the Cathedral Peak Rock standing out from the sea. Experience the Wild coast of Transkei with Trisport and their local guides. Get spoilt each night with great food! Feel alive while hiking in this non-commercial part of Transkei!

Pondo 4-day hike (4 nights) is a fully catered luxury SLACKPACK HIKE in PONDOLAND, the Northern Transkei, from Msikaba towards Port St Johns where you will hike 65km over 4 days in an unspoiled area of the Eastern Cape. Stay at a lodge each night, except one night at a luxury tented camp, but with your own en-suite bathroom each night.

Highlights of the Tour

  • Seeing 2 of the 7 waterfalls in the world that fall directly into the sea
  • Seeing Cathedral rock and many other amazing sights
  • Luxury each night in you en-suite room
  • Hiking on cliff paths and secluded beaches
  • Sightseeing of the awesome Cape Vulture colony (more than 100 birds) on the way to Msikaba
  • Cattle on the beach
  • Ship wrecks
  • Fres sea food (weather permitting)
  • Amazing views over the Coastline
  • Beautiful secluded beaches

Slackpacking is a new way of hiking the wonderful terrains of the world! In simpler terms, Slack-Packing is an assisted way of hiking where you have a host who carries the burden of your equipment, takes care of your possessions and set up your overnight camps for you.

We will transport your bags to our remote venues, organise all the meals and make sure there is nice cold beers at the venue each day while you just hike, relax and take in the beauty of Pondoland.

The untamed Transkei is located in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa and lies just outside of East London. It is an almost forgotten part of the country that seems to function at its own pace and without modern day influences. Many tourists and locals visit the Transkei as it provides a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the country.
One of the sites on the way to the start is the Cape Vulture Colony just above Msikaba. Despite the extent of subsistence farmland in Africa, little is known about endangered species that persist within them. The Cape Vulture (Gyps coprotheres) is regionally endangered in southern Africa and at least 20% of the population breeds in the subsistence farmland area previously known as the Transkei in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa

Hiking on the cattle tracks


This hike is from Msikaba to Port St Johns. The hike will take you on an exploration of the Wild Coast in Transkei, South Africa. You will see the Cape Vulture Colony at Msikaba, 2 of the 7 waterfalls in the world that fall directly into the sea, Waves crashing against the rocks and the Cathedral Peak Rock standing out from the sea and many more. Experience the birthplace of Nelson Mandela, hike on cattle tracks above the cliffs with dramatic rocks and caves below and experience the culture of the Xhosa when walking through the friendly villages along the way. This is an experience not to be missed.


17-21 October 2024
23-27 October 2024

For Customized Dates (minimum 4 people at an extra cost per person), contact Sonja sonja@trisport.co.za


Pondoland, Transkei, Eastern Cape


R11,900.00 per person sharing
R13,900.00 per person single

Customized Dates less than 10 people : R14,400.00 sharing / R16,400.00 single.

Entries Available

Limited to 20 entries

Entry Includes

  • 4 days of unforgettable hiking along the wild coast
  • 4 nights of accommodation
  • Local guides
  • Safe parking at Port St Johns
  • Transport from Port St Johns to Mskaba to the start by Taxi
  • Accommodation for 4 nights in either a lodge or tented chalet with en-suite bathroom
  • 3 meals per day
  • Transport from Lambazi to Lupithana
  • Transport of your gear to finishing venue each day
  • Sundowner snacks each day
  • Medical and emergency services on standby
  • Generosity and great atmosphere

Entry Excludes

  • Transport to and from Port St Johns, Transkei, Eastern Cape
  • Tips
  • Drinks
  • Dinner on day 1 and day 5 and breakfast day 6 (departure)
  • Last night’s accommodation, after finishing the last day’s hike at Cremorne Estate
  • Massages available at Mbotyi River Lodge (optional)
  • Any other extras

Compulsory Gear

As a precaution, we would like you to carry the following compulsory equipment with you during the hike. It is for your own personal safety. Please adhere to the following:

  • Cell phone;
  • Zip Lock bag to keep phone dry;
  • Space blanket;
  • Backpack;
  • Long Thermal base layer (pants and top);
  • Whistle;
  • Hat;
  • Emergency food;
  • Headlamp;
  • Water bottles;
  • Sunscreen (SPF50);
  • Outer shell jacket (waterproof); and
  • Small first aid kit.
Typical scene on the hike, cattle on the beach

Route Information

Day 1
Arrive at Port St Johns – Cremorne Estate

Day 2
9km. Msikaba to Lambazi.
Flat with no elevation, on cattle tracks and short beach sections.

Day 3
19km. Lupithana to Mbotyi.

First 4km is flat, then for 10km it is rolling hills and cliff paths, followed by beach section. Waterfalls falling into the sea, Cathedral rock, waterfall bluff, lots of pools, long 5km beach sections.

Day 4
18km. Mbotyi to Ntafufu
Leg 1 – 9km. Steep grassy hills with amazing views and river crossing, short beach sections.
Leg 2 – 9km. Steep grassy hills with amazing views and one river crossing, short beach sections.

Day 5
17km. Ntafufu to Cremorne Estate, Port St Johns
One steep hill, followed by rolling hills and 4km flat beach section and a last 3km along a jeep track to the finish at Cremrne Estate

Views over the crashing waves


Day 1
14:00 Arrival at Port St Johns, check in at Cremorne Estate
19:00 Welcome and Dinner at Cremorne Estate (own cost)

Day 2
08:00 Drive to Msikaba by taxi, leave your car at Spotted Grunter. See the amazing Cape Vulture Colony on route.
11:00 Start of hike at Msikaba village, hike along the coastline on cattle tracks, see the dolphins playing, smell the fresh sea air.
14:00 Lunch and check in at Lambazi Lodge, chill and enjoy the view and the sound of the waves while you have a nice cold beer.
18:00 Dinner at Lambazi Lodge.

Day 3
07:00 Breakfast at Lambazi Lodge
08:00 Transported from Lambazi to Lupithana, and see the crashing waves against the rocks. Hike from Lupithana to Mbotyi, see the waves crashing at Lupithana, see cathedral rock, see the waterfalls falling directly into the sea, lots of pools to swim in, coffee and snacks along the way.
11:00 Lunch on route (packed lunch).
15:00 Arrive at Mbotyi and cool off in the pool, enjoy a cold beer. Massages (pre-bookings only).
18:00 Dinner at Mbotyi.

Day 4
08:00 Breakfast at Mbotyi.
09:00 Hike from Mbotyi to Ntafufu via Manteku, enjoy the great grassy paths that lead you to amazing views over the sea.
11:00 Lunch on route (packed lunch).
14:00 Arrive at Ntafufu Tented Chalets.
18:00 Dinner at Ntafufu.

Day 5
07:00 Breakfast
08:00 Hike from Ntafufu to Linga Futhi, Port St Johns.
13:00 Light lunch at Cremorne,
18:00 Dinner and accommodation at Cremorne (own cost)

Day 6
07:00 Breakfast and Good Byes

Anybody can hike along the Pondoland coast. Trisport focus on the small things like making sure your accommodation is great, you eat well, and you can get a massage if you like half way on the trail, drink nice wine etc. We are proud to say that we have been doing Trail run, Hiking and Mountain bike tours for more than 10 years in Pondoland, Transkei. On our tours we stay at the most comfortable places possible on the tour. You will only stay 1 night in a luxury Tented Chalets, the other 3 nights you will stay at 3-star lodges. Our tours have at least 1 local qualified guide to hike or mountain bike with you.